I started cleaning out the interior today. Floor pans are a little worse than they look from the bottom. (Some holes just aren’t visible when they’re covered by that tar board.) I was first thinking that a half-pan replacement near the battery would be all that was needed, but it’s obvious that both full pans will need to be replaced. Not that big a set-back. Other areas, happily, are rust-free. Like the luggage compartment, for example. The interior is not too bad, overall. Front seats need to be cleaned, back seat needs some filling replaced, and a little bit of sewing, but it should be ok. Replacement of the upholstery may be an option down the road but for now I can get by with what’s there. Rubber mats may clean up ok; the front mat is torn in half, but it may not even been noticeable when put back clean. The carpet is going to be replaced. There was never a floor-carpet, only some trim pieces around the upper edges of the interior and the luggage compartment behind the back seat. Mats and carpet will not be too expensive.

Work time: One hour. Photos following:

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