DISASSEMBLY – Muffler Removal

24 Aug

PARTS – transaxle nosecone

24 Aug

Today I received a transaxle nosecone to replace the broken one.  Got it from nice guy named Greg on The Samba.Com for $15 plus shipping. Not bad. Knock off the crud and I’ll think it’ll clean up nicely.



17 Aug

Picked up some additional rust-protection from PM Industries, the guys who make Master Series coatings. I had already bought some MasterCoat Silver rust sealer/primer, but it’s silver, and I want the chassis to be painted black. So I ordered some of their MasterSeries AG111 (aka, TractorKote). They have a MasterCoat Black, but I believe it’s not UV-stable. The AG111 is. It’s a two-part moisture-cured urethane and I think it will be all the protection I need when painted over the MasterCoat Silver.

MasterSeries AG111 2-part urethane, and thinner


This can be sprayed, or brushed with good results. I’m not ready to hook up the paint spray guns yet, so brushing it will be.

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DISASSEMBLY – Starter Motor

13 Aug

Removed the battery- and starter cables, and removed the starter motor and solenoid.


DISASSEMBLY – Removing the floor pans

07 Aug

Today I started to cut out the pasenger-side floor pan. First, I made some measurements from the tunnel to the bolt holes alongside the outer edge of the pan, and from the support structures at either end of the pan to the first bolt holes on the side. This will hopefully allow me to double-check that the new pan is installed correctly, both front-to-back and from tunnel-to-side. If I cut the new pan, say, too short in the front, or if I install it too closely against the tunnel (or not close enough) then maybe I’ll have trouble lining up the bolt holes when I go to put the body back on. Or, the seats will not be in the right place, and might interfere with some other structure in the car. I think the pan would have to be off by more than an inch in either direction to cause problems, though, so some moderately accurate measurements should help me keep it close enough.