Get Beevis

Off to Alabama. Just a two-hour drive to Florence, Alabama to retrieve Beevis the Bug. Can’t carry two, so I’ll get the sedan and come back for the convertible. After arriving on the scene, and making contact with Wade, the previous owner (a nice guy), I took a little closer look at the convertible:

Looks rough.

Speedo for the 'vert.

May not be much to salvage here. There’s an engine and transaxle — that may be enough to make it worthwhile to come back and get it. It’s a shame, really. Looks like the car has been sitting in a junk yard, and slowly parted-out. Mother nature took her share, too. The ebay auction listing identified the bug as a ’65, but I checked the VIN number on’s Technical Information page and saw that it was really a 1966. No big deal, either way. But after looking at the engine number, I can see the Volkswagen ‘recycle’ symbol, and the engine number ends with an ‘X’. I think that means the engine is part of the Volkswagen Exchange program. Probably had an engine swap fairly early in life. Not the original engine — too bad.

Engine number.

1300cc Engine
It didn't start out so badly...

So I load up Beevis (’cause the other one certainly looks like Butthead) on the trailer, and start to head back to Tupelo. Good sign to see him crank up and drive right up on the trailer.

Beevis looks like he has a tree growing out his head.

Across the dam we go….(I think it was the Wilson Dam?). Not sure. Also not sure if I supposed to pull a trailer on the dam or not.

Wilson Dam. Not a lot of room.
Are you following me?

While heading to Mississippi, I came through some town close to Corinth. I don’t remember the name, but there were signs up all through town that said “Welcome Home, Russell”. (my name) Maybe some soldier serving in Iraq? A contestant on Deal or No Deal? Don’t know, but it was one of those strange coincidences like opening up a fortune cookie and thinking that the fortune was a little *too* accurate or promising.

Welcome Home, Russell.

232.4 Miles. 17.86 gallons @ 2.76 per gallon = Add $49.28 to the Bug spreadsheet.

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