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Getting the convertible

I finally got the weather and my schedule to cooperate, and I went back to Alabama to pick up the second of my bugs: a 1966 Convertible. In rough condition. There are some parts here and there to be salvaged (like a motor, maybe, and a transaxle) but most of this vehicle is lost, I’m afraid. I’m going to use it as a practice dummy, and test some repair skills on this one before I work on the ’63.


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A Bug is Born

I received my bug’s Birth Certificate today from Germany. Interesting. Confirms what I thought about the manufacture date, and the paint colors. It’s not a detailed, itemized history of the car, but it’s interesting to have. The car came into the US through Miami. I don’t know if was sold there, then re-sold in Alabama, or if it was shipped to a dealer in Alabama directly.


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New Keys for Beevis

The keys for Beevis are original (I think), so I want to get a new set to use. Off for my first visit to Tupelo Hardware on Main Street.  This is the famous hardware store in Tupelo where Elvis Presley’s mother bought him his first guitar.

Tupelo Hardware

It’s a cool place. Elvis got his guitar here, but I couldn’t get the keys. They were out of Volkswagen blanks. Oh well, still a cool place.

Head off to Miller’s Safe & Lock for a couple of keys. Add $5.36 to the Beevis Bill.


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Start the Title Document Process

Off to the Lee County Tag Office, with Bill of Sale in-hand. Fork over $37.19 and I have a tag for the ’63 Sedan.  That gives me ONE Bill of Sale, and ONE Tag Registration. So next year when I renew my tag registration, I’ll have all the pieces necessary to apply for a long-lost Document of Title.

I have a Bill of Sale for the 1966 Convertible, but I’m not sure I need to get a tag until I evaluate whether or not it can be salvaged.


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What’s It Take To Get a Title?

I’m going to pick up a couple of cars from Alabama, and bring them back to Mississippi.  What do I need in order to get title’s on these vehicles? A trip to the Lee County (MS) tag office gets me the skinny:

1) In Alabama, cars sold prior to 1974 don’t have Documents of Title. So there’s nothing to really transfer from Alabama to Mississippi. But there’s no reason to get a Title Document in Alabama because it’s fairly easy to get one in Mississippi:

2) In order to get a Document of Title in Mississippi, the state requires either TWO Bills of Sale and ONE Tag Registration, or ONE Bill of Sale and TWO Tag Registrations. I have one Bill of Sale from the previous owner in Alabama, and when I get a tag in Mississippi, that will count as one Tag Registration. So then I need only wait ’til next year and get another Tag Registration, THEN I can apply for a Document of Title.

I suppose I could have had a friend be the buyer of the Beetle from Alabama, then have him sign a Bill of Sale to me. That would get me TWO Bills of Sale and the when I got the Tag, I could apply for a Document of Title immediately. I don’t know if there’s anything wrong with that, but it doesn’t really matter.

An interesting thing about all this — a Document of Title (the piece of paper that people associate with car ownership) is just a piece of paper that makes it easy to explain who owns the vehicle. It’s not the actual “ownership” of the vehicle. If you own something (like a car), you have ‘title’ to it. The paper is not the ownership, it’s merely documentation of ownership.


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