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A Bug is Born

I received my bug’s Birth Certificate today from Germany. Interesting. Confirms what I thought about the manufacture date, and the paint colors. It’s not a detailed, itemized history of the car, but it’s interesting to have. The car came into the US through Miami. I don’t know if was sold there, then re-sold in Alabama, or if it was shipped to a dealer in Alabama directly.


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PARTS – Front Bumper

Picked up an original Beevis-era bumper from Manny, a nice guy in Memphis. One little ding, and a bit of rust on the back, but overall it’s in decent shape.

Front bumper from a 1966 Beetle.

Add $35.00 to the Beevis Bill.


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New Keys for Beevis

The keys for Beevis are original (I think), so I want to get a new set to use. Off for my first visit to Tupelo Hardware on Main Street.  This is the famous hardware store in Tupelo where Elvis Presley’s mother bought him his first guitar.

Tupelo Hardware

It’s a cool place. Elvis got his guitar here, but I couldn’t get the keys. They were out of Volkswagen blanks. Oh well, still a cool place.

Head off to Miller’s Safe & Lock for a couple of keys. Add $5.36 to the Beevis Bill.


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Plan of Attack

After a closer ‘surface’ examination, it’s obvious there are some problem areas. The window rims are troubling, as is the bottom of the ‘A’ pillar on the passenger side. It looks cancerous. Once I dig in and start disassembling the whole thing, I’ll be able to see the extent of the damage. On the brighter side, there aren’t a lot of parts that are missing.

Up next, I want to do two things to the car:

  • Make a list of what parts are missing.
  • Make a list of what areas are damaged.

Then I can price the missing parts and come up with an estimate for purchases, and I can start to get an idea of how much repair work needs to be done.


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A Closer Look

I think the first thing to do is determine our patient’s condition. Photos will help document my starting point, and will help if I forget where something goes — I can always look back at pictures. It’s surprising how quickly you forget how/where some part was attached. When I start to clean and disassemble the car, I’ll take more photos as parts are removed. Then I can really do a more thorough damage assessment. But first, I want to get a record of how it looks, as-is. Then I can start to put together a list of missing parts, and a list of focus points for repairs.


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