Start the Title Document Process

Off to the Lee County Tag Office, with Bill of Sale in-hand. Fork over $37.19 and I have a tag for the ’63 Sedan.  That gives me ONE Bill of Sale, and ONE Tag Registration. So next year when I renew my tag registration, I’ll have all the pieces necessary to apply for a long-lost Document of Title.

I have a Bill of Sale for the 1966 Convertible, but I’m not sure I need to get a tag until I evaluate whether or not it can be salvaged.

Birth Certificate for the little fellow

If you go to the Volkswagen AutoMuseum and fill-in their Certificate Generator (oh, and remit 35 Euros), they will research your little hobby car, and send you a birth certificate that tells when your car was made, where is was shipped, and what options were included.

More info can be found in this thread at

Is it really necessary (and worth the money)? Maybe not. Depends on how much you want to know about your car, its history, and its original color-scheme/engine/configuration/etc. Since I want to try and keep it original, I’m curious to see if there’s something about Beevis that I don’t already know.