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31 May

Disassembled the fenders today.

I broke a piece on one of the tail lights where the stud is mounted. The nut underneath was a little too rusty – I probably should have Kroil’ed it first. Also found a huge wasp nest condominium inside one of the headlights.

Work time: 45 minutes. Photos following:


PARTS – Kick Panels

27 May

Received a couple of kick panels that go under the rear seats. These were from 1963 Bug, and look to be in good condition. Purchased from a member of website.

Kick panels for the back seat.

Add $40.00 to the Beevis Bill(tm).



26 May

More disassembly.

Work time: 30 minutes. Photos following:


HISTORY – Bug Invasion

24 May

Here’s an interesting photo, from the Port of Everett (Washington). It’s a bunch (gaggle? flock? covey? plague?) of beetles coming in the country in 1963. I wish the photo were in color. And notice how the cars have been stripped of their hubcaps? Kind of like taking off your shoes to board a plane, nowadays, I guess. I wonder if there’s a box of hubcaps inside each of these VWs?



22 May

Today I removed some more pieces. The front bumper (what was left of it), the rear bumper, and the horn. It’s amazing how much more rust is shown in the photos than what you see with your own eyes. I find myself taking a photo and loading it on the computer saying “Wow, that looks bad!”. I guess I could stop taking photos and the rust would just go away.

Work time: about 20 minutes.